The Dancer

She always dances, and everywhere, She danced to forget everything that happened to her, she danced to find a new life

The Dancer


a new beginning, after she tried to commit suicide dozens of times, and God always extended his hand to her, to get her out of this Darkness and pain, she danced to regain the rest of her life which came close to the end because of the disease that feeds on it slowly, which feeds on her body and soul, she lost everything, her family, her friends, and did not have any other than a short skirt was in Her old wardrobe, and since that day she became dancing, dancing, and sometimes She always cries out the impact of pain, tears fall, every time her body swayed with dancing, she danced everywhere, to express her rejection of everything, for all the reality, she danced on sad dramatic music, so that she can express all the loss she lost throughout her life,She is still dancing, and the world is still changing around her.

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