Thrilling Highlights from Misfits Boxing 12: Elle Brooke Secures Victory and More

Elle Brooke beat AJ Bunker when they first fought 18-months ago and they meet again tonight at the first Misfits Boxing event of the year, which takes place in Leeds

Thrilling Highlights from Misfits Boxing 12: Elle Brooke Secures Victory and More

Misfits Boxing 12, presented by TNT Sports, delivered an electrifying series of matches, including the much-anticipated Elle Brooke vs AJ Bunker bout and a stunning lineup of fights. Fans of the sport can relive these moments and more on TNT Sports, which also promises exciting future events like Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk in 2024.

Key Results from Misfits Boxing 12:

  1. Luis Pineda Triumphs Over Ed Matthews: In a dramatic turn of events, Luis Pineda emerged victorious against Ed Matthews with a knockout in the second round. Matthews, who started strong, couldn't withstand Pineda's power, leading to a thrilling conclusion to their match.

  2. Elle Brooke Defeats Andrea-June Bunker: Elle Brooke claimed the Misfits Boxing women's middleweight belt in a rematch against Andrea-June Bunker. Despite a challenging fight with frequent clinches, Brooke secured her win with a decisive knockout in the third round.

  3. Ashley Tebi vs OJ Rose Ends in a Split Draw: The evenly matched fight between Ashley Tebi and OJ Rose concluded with a split draw, leaving the audience anticipating a potential rematch or even a tag-team fight in the future.

  4. Tristan Hamm Overpowers 'Not Logan Paul': Tristan Hamm showcased his dominance in the ring against 'Not Logan Paul', real name Rodney Peterson, achieving a first-round knockout. Hamm's aggressive approach overwhelmed Peterson, extending his losing streak.

  5. Fox The G's Debut Victory: In his first Misfits Boxing appearance, 'Fox The G' delivered an impressive performance, defeating Small Spartan Jay with a knockout in the first round. The size advantage played a crucial role in Fox The G's win.

  6. Ben Williams Outclasses Fes Batista: The fight between Ben Williams and Fes Batista displayed Williams' superiority, as he won by unanimous decision. Despite a slowdown after the first round, Williams dominated the fight without knocking Batista down.

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