Umberto Eco, the opponent teacher

Eco asks how he feels in the middle of his “private” library, which contained fifty thousand books in his home in Milan.. He replied: I feel safe and reassured

Umberto Eco,  the opponent teacher

The owner of this great, unique library is the great Italian philosopher, historian, and writer, Umberto Eco... Eco was always controversial with his works and opinions, until his last novel, the seventh, which was published shortly before his death under the title “number zero ” in January 2015.
He knew himself as a philosopher who wrote novels, and he also knew himself as one of the pioneers in the science of semiotics, which he taught at the University of Bologna. Semiotics, for those who do not know, is the science of signs, signals, or symbols, whether natural or artificial...
The truth is that Eco influenced many people through his brilliant use of this semiotics in his works, especially his novels, and more specifically the two wonderful novels “The Name of the Rose” and “The Prague Cemetery.”
The last one, the Prague Cemetery, caused a sharp attack on him from the Vatican, and he was also accused of anti-Semitism. The truth is that in this novel he opened fire on everyone... all the secret and public groups, from the Freemasons to the Jacobins, the Knights Templar and others
He entered into the hornet's nest and exposed many schemes that have been secretly brewing for centuries and presented them without drowning in conspiracy theories.
Personally, despite my sharp ideological disagreement with Eco, through his novels he was able to change my approach to things. He did not change ideas, but rather changed the way of thinking. How by seeing things deeply and carefully, not just their appearance.
And predict what is coming by analyzing previous and current signals and signs
Eco was not only a writer, philosopher, or academic, but he was and still is, even after his death, an influencer, a real influencer, not like social media influencers.

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