96th Academy Awards surprises

It seems that those in charge of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards the Oscars, have finally decided to partially side with art at the expense of agendas.

96th Academy Awards surprises

Although the film Oppenheimer, directed by the great director Christopher Nolan, won a share of the awards, seven awards, it did not contain many political, social, and sexual agendas that have become a priority as a criterion in awarding the first award among the artistic and cinematic criteria. This has been repeated in recent years in many ways, including the film Philadelphia. Produced in 1993, then the movie Milk, produced in 2008, until the Bohemian rhapsody movie, produced in 2018

All of these films were a biography of one of the famous homosexual figures, and many believe that regardless of the artistic quality of these films, the main reason for them winning the important Oscars is that they revolve around these agendas, especially the social ones.

But it seems that this year things were different, even though Bradley Cooper, the famous American actor and director, made his film “Maestro” about the American musician Leonard Bernstein, in full compliance with the Academy’s standards and agendas in previous years.

One of the American film critics even said that this film was not made for the audience, but rather was made for the Academy Awards, and despite that, it did not win any of the seven awards for which it was nominated.

In the same context, although everyone expected Lily Gladstone to win the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role...what reinforced this expectation was that Lily was the first Native American actress to be nominated for this award, but Emma Stone, who gave a more than wonderful performance in her film “Things.” "Simple" was able to snatch the award in a huge surprise... Although Lily Gladstone's performance was very good in the movie " killers of the flower moon", Emma's performance is more complex, difficult and influential.

Finally, I hope that what happened this year is not exceptional and that the Academy returns to arbitrating agendas above abstract artistic creativity

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