I am here again, in a place I do not know, and I do not know who brought me here. There is no sound, no movement


 nothing at all. Darkness fills this place and there is only very weak light coming from a broken window. It seems as if someone tried to To escape through it. The light was more terrifying than the darkness. It revealed to me the details of this cursed place. It was a large palace full of paintings falling on the ground and some naked statues assuming different sexual positions. The walls were corroded and there were the remains of torn black curtains on them. He was appearing. Behind it are inscriptions written in blood. They may have been written by the previous victim, or they may be part of a talisman or symbols of a magical ritual to conjure a demon. It is not a nightmare. I can feel everything clearly. I can breathe and scream, but without anyone hearing me.
Nothing but the voices that speak to me inside my mind so forcefully that I fall unconscious for hours and hours, until I wake up on a white bed as if I had taken high doses of morphine after an electrical session in the old neighborhood hospital, or perhaps I had gone back and taken the drugs again, and all. What is happening around me is nothing but a hallucination from the influence of meth
Which I was addicted to two years ago, and which I began to feel slowly moving inside my blood now, its effect is about to end, to wake up and regain my full consciousness, to discover that I am still here alive, still stuck between this sick existence, and that this attempt has failed like the rest. My previous attempts to escape.

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