Light it

Light no longer reaches that room that was closed years ago. Now I am here outside, peeping into my room.

Light it
Do not surrender to those dark you are strong and able to do anything and everything you have the ability and the full will to change and destroy all trying to throw you to hole deadly and dark do not never surrender You must believe in yourself well despite all the obstacles ahead, You must defeats and break all barriers that stop your progress forward and better
Yes i know you feel deeply in your inner light which radiate in your Soul you do not have any thing now but change. Change Everything around you still connects you to the darkness.
you hear me ?
Turn on all light now
you are very beautiful
and do not ashamed of light and not ashamed of your body naked under lighting or in front of the Mirrors
Turn on all light now
leave the light to fill your life and start every your aspirations left and thrown out the window and work hard to achieve your dreams to become a great person in this world.
turn on all light now
and do not close any source of light in your life again
darkness is death.

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