Mercenaries and the absence of 2,000 recruits.. What is happening inside the Israeli occupation army?

The blow that the Israeli army has faced since the beginning of the war on Gaza reveals the weakness that has plagued its forces

Mercenaries and the absence of 2,000 recruits.. What is happening inside the Israeli occupation army?

At the beginning of this month, a Spanish newspaper, reported by Russia Today, based on an interview with Yedro Díaz Flores Corrales, a former soldier in the Spanish army and participating as a mercenary in support of the Israeli occupation army, revealed that Israel is using a number of mercenaries contracted with private military companies in order to provide services. Military forces, some of which are linked to indirect support for the war on Gaza. According to the testimony of the Spanish soldier to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, he says: “I came for the money. They pay well, provide good equipment, and the pace of work is calm. The wage is 3,900 euros per week, regardless of supplementary tasks.” The Spanish newspaper then confirmed that a small army of mercenaries had been contracted to carry out special tasks operating inside Israel. The matter did not stop at the presence of mercenary individuals. Rather, Israeli media reports revealed the absence of more than 2,000 Israeli soldiers from service in the occupation army, which was described as the “largest failure” recorded by the occupation army since 1948. Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper confirmed that the occupation army will work to implement severe penalties on soldiers absent without leave during the war on Gaza, pointing out that a large number of reserve soldiers were not originally from the army’s regular forces, but they volunteered to fight, while many of those who were were left behind. They must join the army. Earlier last July, 1,142 reservists, including hundreds of pilots, threatened to refrain from military service if the government went ahead with passing a law on judicial changes that would reduce the powers of the Supreme Court, and the government has already passed this law. It was not enough for the gaps that appeared among the occupation army forces, but the matter reached the point of killing citizens and placing charges on the Palestinian factions, as Israeli police investigations revealed the claim and scandal of the Israeli entity. Rather, the evidence suggested the possibility of killing hundreds of Israelis at that party by their own hands by mistake, according to a report by the newspaper «» The Israeli newspaper Haaretz, which explained that the results of the Israeli police investigation into the killing of hundreds at the Supernova music festival on October 7, indicated that the Hamas members who participated in the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation had no knowledge of the concert in which 367 people were killed near the Re’im settlement. In the Gaza Strip, “but they acted automatically.”

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