Winter never come

She is no longer here anymore. All I have to do now is accept these painful days. From now on, I couldn't hear her voice, I couldn't see her

Winter never come
She went and everything went with her, she left with her all the lights that used to light up my life, and now I'm drowning alone in the deep damn dark, I became a lifeless corpse waiting for nothingness, since that day when she left quickly and the demons became here able to find my place again...
And now they no longer haunt me because all the demons live with me here … in my house, which has become dark , I cannot describe to you while you are far away how a happy life turned into struggles with pain, darkness and death that awaits me behind the door every day since you left Baby , everything went away with you, and now I could not see anything and I did not feel anything, and despite that I did not stop praying I ask my God every day that you come back again, And life returns with you ... everything returns with you, I know that you will feel me while you are in your far place, I know that you know how much I love you , And I want to live the whole life with you in our cozy house Far from the evil that fills people , I will keep praying to God that you will come back to me and hug me tightly , So that I can regain life again, I want to tell you since you left I can no longer watch movies, I lose passion for everything. Every day that passes while you are away, I lose something precious to me, and so far there is not much left to lose. Come back so that the winter we've always been waiting for can come , Because so far winter has not come and it never come until you come back again

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