Yellow Paradise

We are finally here, inside the yellow planet, after many attempts, we have finally become here, we know nothing but pleasure

Yellow Paradise

we do not know what pain, disease and depression, we have succeeded in connecting to that planet, This is a new reality that we have been looking for all these years, until the miracle happened and we were able to get here. Everything is beautiful, clear and delightful. We do not hear the sound of pain here. Cries of relief and no blood stains, no attempts at murder or suicide, It is the planet, perhaps not just a planet outside the solar system outside the galaxy, perhaps this is the paradise itself, and the world is over and we are here after the Day of Resurrection, and despite the sins we were able to enter paradise, we do not know what the great thing that happened and came us to here, is it god, or is it a strange universe? Or a space ship with the speed of light, we took our souls to this quiet planet, we do not know anything, but all that matters now is that we are here, inside the paradise or planet outside the galaxy or something else. We just enjoy, without feeling any pain again.

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