A frightening military parade in the capital, Sanaa

A few days ago, the Yemeni armed forces organized a majestic military parade in Al-Sabeen Square in the capital, Sanaa, that terrified the world, especially America. Making everyone reconsider their destructive agendas inside Yemen, which has been suffering from war for ten years now.

A frightening military parade in the capital, Sanaa

The right-wing armed forces organized a frightening military parade
On the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the “September 21 Revolution,” it is the largest since the victory of the revolution in 2014. The military parade was attended by: President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, members of the Council, heads of the Houses of Representatives, the Ministers, the Judiciary, the Shura Council, the Supreme Court, members of the Houses of Representatives, Ministers, the Shura Council, governors of the governorates, and security leaders. Military and many important Yemeni political figures
Immediately upon the arrival of some figures to the parade square, they began to place many wreaths on the tomb of the martyr president Ali Abdullah Saleh Al-Sammad, then he read Al-Fatihah to the souls of the martyrs.

In his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, he gave permission for the parade to begin immediately. He participated in the majestic military parade that terrified America, Europe, and some of the Arab countries that are still in the Yemeni conflict.

This parade was attended by various units of the Yemeni army and the Yemeni armed forces, led by units of the wounded who were injured in the face of the hordes of American aggression, and included a review of an arsenal of advanced, strategic and new weapons that had recently entered service.
Which was a great shock to America and the West, as everyone was aware of what was reported through international news outlets. No one expected that the Yemeni army possessed all this terrible, terrifying power, despite the ongoing conflict and war that broke out for more than ten years until now.
On the other hand, this is the largest display of the Yemeni armed forces since the victory of the revolution, during which the latest productions of the Yemeni military industries were revealed, including various weapons, including ballistic, winged, and sea missiles, air defense systems, the military air force, and a drone equipped with the latest technologies that were manufactured during the war that took place. I'm still going now
To mean the extent of the prestige of this ancient army, which is invincible and does not surrender, and with this display, which was a warning siren, that the Yemeni army has fangs and claws that prevent any global power from approaching Yemen, its people, and its army.
This country has weapons and a majestic army that protects it without fear, retreat, or surrender

For the first time since the start of the war, Yemeni fighters flew in the skies of the capital, Sana'a, after Yemeni expertise was able to maintain, restart and activate them.
And re-entering service again to also announce that Yemen has invincible heroes and is not affected by the stranglehold of wars and the West’s restrictions on it.
The Yemeni army announced with this offer that Yemen is fine and its army is fine
They are fully prepared to defend the homeland against any force on the face of this earth

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