Astral Gate...and Black Entity Science

If you cannot understand the energy hidden within you, you will not be able to realize the importance of this controlling system in the universe

Astral Gate...and Black Entity Science

Everything is energy... and what makes us see what exists around us, whether in its solid, liquid or gaseous state, is firstly the speed of vibration of its atoms and their presence within the range of frequencies of perception of our limited senses, whether by sight, hearing or touch... When you disintegrate your body into its smallest components and go without a cell and without The molecule, what will you find???? Atoms, electrons and protons...
What does this mean???? what does that mean???

This means that your essence is energy, just like the universe and the world around you...
Now when we talk about the so-called star gates, what truth are we talking about???

Star gates... are gates that open spatial, temporal, or spiritual dimensions... meaning the meeting of other races that are not in our three dimensions perceived by our senses and our fixed time... These gates may exist in space and through them one can pass through what has been called "wormholes." Through it, we pass through folds in the fabric of space-time or space-time, as we will explain later... In general, this includes passing from a black hole to a white hole at the exit from it... This is something that requires high energy... and it was achieved and even observed by ancient civilizations, and this was recorded in the civilizations of the Pharaohs. And the civilization of Sumer... NASA also recently announced the success in achieving mechanization faster than the speed of light, which allows it to cross the space folds, which is the same concept as the folds of time and space, and we will also discuss them in detail... As for the terrestrial astral gates... they are locations on Earth called “vortex points.” "Or Vortex Points, due to the huge amount of conserved energy concentrated at that point. These points are basically found at the intersection of the so-called grazing lines, which we explained previously, which represent the "matrix" or the basic matrix of God on Earth. And those vortex points are what Basic and some are secondary... What happened is that the elite built several edifices on those points... And since the satanic elite believes that (Lucifer) Satan is their true god... it will most likely not be difficult for you to determine the type of energy circulating among them or The types of beings conjured through these demonic rituals that bring negative energy... It is also possible to open astral portals in other ways... Some of them are “good” and were known to Muslim scholars, and some are through what is called “spiritual exercises” from the Holy Qur’an... Some of them are “evil” through general satanic magic rituals that deceive many people and are the gateway to major dangers... It is also possible for “temporary” gateways to occur due to the occurrence of some disaster... such as nuclear explosions and such horrific murder incidents that explode energy in the place. Negativity may be able to open a portal to bring in demons... From this we can conclude in a simple way... that the type of energy and its purpose is what determines the consequences of opening these portals on Earth...
And about moving in time and space, can anyone do that???? The truth is that this ability to move was known and has become extinct among human beings for several reasons, including the weakness of genetic genes, and also the difference in terrestrial gravity now from the terrestrial gravity hundreds of years ago, as well as the effects of electrical devices on humans now, and the distance from religion...
Remember when we mentioned previously, according to the geneticist, DNA acts as a transmitter and receiver of electromagnetic waves.

But there are still ways to transfer, and this depends on whether the person is qualified for that or not... God’s saints are blessed by God with this and more, and this depends on the extent of their love and good deeds and their intentions, so God makes them worthy of that and more... How can this be over from the believers? Human beings and the Illuminati run amok and have fun in dimensions and worlds and move and control whatever they want????.. Unfortunately, we are the ones who place barriers in front of us. Our failure to see something and not reach it does not indicate that it does not exist.. and we suffice with saying that it is a myth.. or the work of witches and devils. Believe me, there are many good people who know how to open the astral gate or use it, but they do not tell anyone about it because they do not deal with the accusations of this time. What is strange is that there are many models of free energy or flying saucers spread everywhere. In your opinion, is there any of us? The Arabs started with practical application???... Or did we just leave it to the works of the devils??? Unfortunately, just as these capabilities are possessed by devils, the same is true for believers...but unfortunately we are not ready..

We all know that the ancient peoples reached the astral portal, and they did not use sacrifices and were not infidels as some claim... Yes, sacrifices and offerings were used to open a astral portal between two dimensions, the infidel jinn and humans... and not to move between dimensions..., you are talking there about dimensions. A spiritual meeting between humans and demons, and there you talk about material dimensions, and the matter, as you know, is different... And because the Muslim is also commanded to walk the earth and contemplate God’s creation and look around him at the divine miracles and at the remains of the peoples of the ancients, so we had to go back to ancient civilizations and look forward. On the sciences found in it, with the eye of insight before the eye of sight, after we all knew that the ancients were more advanced than us and even the pre-Flood civilizations... We, beloved ones, should not neglect to research what these people have achieved in various fields, including the method of activating the astral gate.. This criminal, Aleister Crowley, went to the pyramids and stole the sciences there and returned, happy with what he had to be used by the devils of the earth.... Let us also not forget that most of these sciences were revealed with the Prophet of God, Idris, peace be upon him, as a divine miracle, and we know that Idris, peace be upon him, came before Noah. Perhaps he was a contemporary of the builders of the pyramids because he was in Egypt... and it is indicated that he is Osiris... as the “Tablets of Thoth” are attributed to him... and writings that are said to go back to the Prophet of God, Idris, or refer to him, and it is clear that he is the one who produced knowledge, so there is no wonder, for who is not the prophets? The saints of God are those who have all the knowledge.
The first thing about this “material” gate is that it was taught by the prophets, peace be upon them. Rather, it was one of the self-evident things that is known.

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