Black Empty

Black Empty

be silent and do not move very much here. This place is full of the dead people who have been here for tens and hundreds of years, and now they enjoy the torment of God, Some of them are suffering here, and in an unknown place, some of them are suffering inside the dark graves. They hear you now, as though they are hearing everything like what they were before,, they hear everything as they did not go out of our world, Miserable world, who is waiting for their role in death and so far has not yet come,As for the smoke that you see in front of you and prevents you from seeing, it is nothing but a cursed illusion that your mind always suffers from the effects of drugs and fear, But try to feel them because they can not physically be with you Try to feel the evil and blood that filled the rooms here for years. Try to hear the screams of the walls of the rooms, which are full of sadistic crimes, and attempts at murder and suicide, now you are part of their world, not You can go back,You can not go back, you can not die like them, you'll stay here half-dead, just come to enjoy the endless mess of the dead.

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