Celebrating Law Enforcement Appreciation Day: DHS Unveils 2024 Resource Guid

how DHS honors Law Enforcement Appreciation Day with the release of its 2024 Resource Guide

Celebrating Law Enforcement Appreciation Day: DHS Unveils 2024 Resource Guid

On Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) unveiled its 2024 Law Enforcement Resource Guide. This annual guide, essential for state, local, tribal, territorial, and campus law enforcement, has been updated with the latest training and resources provided by DHS, including new information on CISA’s Shared Cybersecurity Services (SCS) funding.

A Commitment to Nationwide Law Enforcement Support

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas emphasized DHS's dedication to supporting every law enforcement agency in America, stating, “The 2024 Law Enforcement Resource Guide is a comprehensive, easily accessible directory of DHS resources to aid this important work.”

2024 Guide: Empowering Law Enforcement with Essential Tools

The guide covers a wide range of critical areas including:

  • Preparedness and Prevention
  • Information and Intelligence Sharing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • School Safety and Security
  • Human Trafficking Prevention
  • DHS Research, Development, Training, and Funding Opportunities

Widespread Distribution and Online Access

Over 18,000 law enforcement agencies and associations across the U.S. will receive the guide, ensuring easy and continuous online access regardless of location. This effort demonstrates DHS’s role as a department of partnerships, streamlining access to vital resources.

Major County Sheriffs of America Acknowledge DHS Support

Megan E. Noland, Executive Director of the Major County Sheriffs of America (MCSA), praised DHS for providing invaluable support to law enforcement through the guide, highlighting its role in areas like cybersecurity and intelligence sharing.

Small and Rural Law Enforcement Agencies: Strengthening Homeland Security

Sheriff Vanessa Crawford, President of the Small & Rural Law Enforcement Executives Association, underscored the importance of collaboration between small, rural, tribal law enforcement agencies and DHS in homeland security.

DHS: A Force of 80,000 Law Enforcement Personnel

DHS boasts over 80,000 personnel dedicated to various aspects of community safety, including airport security, combating drug trafficking, and online child safety.

Elevating the DHS Office for State and Local Law Enforcement

In a significant move, Secretary Mayorkas elevated the DHS Office for State and Local Law Enforcement, reaffirming DHS's commitment to law enforcement advocacy.

To discover more about DHS's initiatives to bolster law enforcement, visit their official website at www.dhs.gov/office-state-and-local-law-enforcement.

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