Broadway Market's Culinary Gem

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Broadway Market's Culinary Gem

Sune, a new culinary sensation, has emerged in London's vibrant Broadway Market, known for its artisan delicacies and foodie culture. Led by the acclaimed duo Honey Spencer and Charlie Sims, Sune is a testament to gastronomic excellence and innovation. With a menu that constantly evolves, featuring dishes like homemade crisps with eel and egg yolk, and grilled flatbread with horseradish cream and trout roe, Sune offers an unforgettable dining experience.

The restaurant, named after Spencer's mentor, Sune Rosforth, specializes in natural wines and offers a selection of unique, low-intervention brews for non-alcoholic options. The ambiance of Sune, coupled with its diverse menu, makes it a must-visit for those seeking culinary adventures in London.

Sune's menu, a concise list of about ten ever-changing dishes, reflects a blend of fine produce, global influences, and culinary memories. Highlights include the fermented dairy beef tartare and croque monsieur, a dish that redefines the classic French toastie with its crisp, cheesy texture and a topping of seasoned raw beef.

For dessert, Sune offers a selection of simple yet elegant options, like pear tart with sorbet or sorbet with meringue, accompanied by an impressive list of after-dinner drinks, including premium whiskeys.

Though still finding its footing, Sune stands out as a destination for both its standout dishes and its commitment to culinary creativity. The changing menu ensures that each visit offers a new experience, making Sune a place worth returning to out of sheer curiosity.

Experience the unique flavors and innovative dishes at Sune, and immerse yourself in the culinary diversity of London's Broadway Market. For more about Sune and other culinary adventures, visit our exclusive food blog and explore our guide to London's best dining spots.

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