Electronic Arts Announces Major Layoffs and Cancels Highly Anticipated Star Wars Game

Electronic Arts (EA) cuts 5% of its workforce in a new round of layoffs, canceling projects including a Star Wars game

Electronic Arts Announces Major Layoffs and Cancels Highly Anticipated Star Wars Game

Electronic Arts Announces Layoffs and Cancels Star Wars Game: A Strategic Pivot in the Gaming Industry

:Discover how Electronic Arts' recent layoffs and the cancellation of a Star Wars game reflect a strategic shift towards owned IP and what it means for the future of the gaming industry.

Electronic Arts (EA), a titan in the video game industry, has made headlines once again, not for the launch of a groundbreaking game, but for a significant restructuring that includes layoffs and the cancellation of eagerly awaited projects, including a Star Wars game. This move marks the second mass layoff by EA in less than a year, underlining a turbulent period for the gaming giant and the industry at large.

The Impact of Layoffs

EA has announced a reduction of approximately 5% of its workforce, translating to nearly 700 employees facing layoffs. This decision is part of what EA CEO Andrew Wilson describes as an effort to "streamline our company operations" focusing on delivering more connected experiences for fans. The layoffs come amidst a broader trend of job reductions in the gaming industry, with EA's action following a similar reduction last March, where nearly 800 employees were let go.

Streamlining Operations

In his communication, Wilson emphasized the company's commitment to shifting resources towards projects that promise deeper and more connected fan experiences. This strategic pivot includes a significant move away from licensed intellectual properties (IPs), signaling a new direction for EA's future game development efforts.

The Cancellation of the Star Wars Game

Among the projects affected by this decision is the anticipated Star Wars first-person shooter game, previously in development at Respawn Entertainment. This cancellation is part of EA's broader strategy to focus on its owned IPs and sports franchises, despite the disappointment it may cause among Star Wars fans and gamers anticipating the title.

Response from the Gaming Community

The gaming community and industry analysts are keenly observing EA's moves, drawing comparisons with other recent layoffs across the gaming industry. These actions reflect a challenging period for the sector, with over 8,000 layoffs reported in just the past two months.

The Future of EA's Portfolio

Despite these challenging decisions, EA's leadership remains optimistic about the future, with a clear focus on leveraging its significant library of owned IPs. The company's future projects, including developments in the sports domain and massive online communities, highlight EA's strategic direction towards growth areas in the gaming landscape.

Layoffs in the Broader Gaming Industry

EA's recent layoffs are part of a broader trend in the gaming industry, where companies are reassessing their portfolios and strategic directions in response to changing market dynamics. This period of transition underscores the need for adaptability and innovation in an ever-evolving industry.


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EA's recent announcement of layoffs and project cancellations, including a Star Wars game, marks a significant moment of change for the company and the gaming industry. As EA pivots towards a future focused on owned IPs and community-driven experiences, the industry watches closely, pondering the implications for the broader gaming ecosystem and the professionals who fuel it.

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