Gabriel Attal Makes History as France's Youngest and First Openly Gay Prime Minister

PARIS — France saw its youngest-ever prime minister and first openly gay one named Tuesday as President Emmanuel Macron seeks a fresh start for the rest of his term amid growing political pressure from the far right.

Gabriel Attal Makes History as France's Youngest and First Openly Gay Prime Minister

In a historic move, Gabriel Attal, at 34 years old, has been named France's youngest-ever prime minister and its first openly gay one. This appointment by President Emmanuel Macron marks a significant shift in French politics amid increasing pressure from far-right movements.

Rising Star: Gabriel Attal's Journey to Prime Ministership

Attal, previously serving as government spokesperson and then education minister, gained popularity as the most favored minister in the outgoing government. His appointment follows the resignation of his predecessor, Elisabeth Borne, amidst controversies surrounding a new immigration law.

President Macron and Attal: Shaping a New Government

President Macron, in collaboration with Attal, is set to announce a new government shortly, maintaining some key ministers from the previous cabinet. Macron's message on his official Twitter reflects his confidence in Attal's energy and commitment, reminiscent of the "spirit of 2017" that brought Macron to power as France's youngest-ever president.

Attal's Vision: A Symbol of Confidence in Youth

Attal perceives his selection as a testament to boldness and a symbol of trust in the younger generation. He emphasizes making security a top priority and upholding values of authority and respect. Attal also plans to bolster public services, including education and healthcare, and aims for stricter immigration control.

Macron's Shift to the Right on Security and Migration

Macron, 46, has leaned more towards the right on issues of security and immigration, partly in response to the growing influence of Marine Le Pen's National Rally, known for its anti-immigration and anti-Islam stance.

Looking Ahead: The European Union Elections and Macron's Legacy

With Macron's second term lasting until 2027 and constitutional limits barring a third consecutive term, political analysts speculate that his new government aims to prepare for the upcoming European Union elections, where far-right, anti-EU groups may gain more influence.

Challenges Ahead for Attal

Critics from both the left and right have voiced concerns about Attal's limited experience, his Parisian background, and his perceived loyalty to the president, which they argue might disconnect him from the struggles of provincial France.

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