Influence by electromagnetic brain waves

Scientific measurements conducted on the brain have shown the presence of electromagnetic waves that the brain constantly emits and vary from moment to moment.

Influence by electromagnetic brain waves

These waves can affect others... (on their hearts and brains, according to the American Heart Mathematics Institute)... and they can move things at a distance and even control them.. This phenomenon can also explain the influence on brain centers by others and deception of brain centers. Sight, but rather the effect on awareness and pain, as it explains how envy occurs...
A large number of researchers have published the results of multiple studies and experiments, including the latest study in the publications of the US National Academy of Sciences... where scientists Jonathan Wolpaugh and Dennis MacFarlane said: “The results of the study have shown that people can be taught to use electrical signals of the brain by recording them to move things.” A physical object such as a mouse cursor for computers in two directions quickly and accurately... The research team, which belongs to the branch of the New York State Department of Health and New York University, confirmed that the latest study is a step towards enabling people to control wheelchairs and other electronic devices with their brains... and does not require such This brain activity is to use a specific nerve or muscle. This is not the first time that researchers have succeeded in this type of experiment. Some scientists have used eye movement, while others have resorted to other methods to record brain signals to control devices. A team from the European MIT Institute had designed a wireless headgear that could translate brain signals to control a computer game. Recently, computer companies, including IBM, have used these properties to produce new devices that operate with brain signals. God Almighty has given man the ability to broadcast Electromagnetic waves from his brain and directing them towards others... and this ability can be developed and advanced... to the point that a person can control physical matters around him and other people without touching him... just by focusing his gaze on him... but it is like any test that can be used for good or bad...

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