Last scene

It's the second scene, and maybe will be the last scene

Last scene
But in any case it is a scene that has a lot of blood, it is not a scene of violence or murder, it is a tragic drama, just a recurring scene of this boring life, and like what happened in the previous scene, nothing changed. The pain did not end and the body is still bleeding, and the conflict is still going on, there is no end close and known, and you are still here on your own, looking for an illusion called life, and although it took a long time to search but you did not find anything, the illusion is still illusion , Without a solution , as for the sin that went beyond the sin of the devil has turned into a curse, and you become cursed and isolated far in the nothingness has become by all means null and void of value for you and nothing, you have already become nothing You do not exist, and still your prayer did not reach to God , It is the eternal deep hell with darkness that never ends, the disaster is repeated again with all tragic details, but I never think there is blood in the body for bleeding again, although the The whole body became torn, what a dramatic dramatic scene, but this was not the end scene, the story is not over yet, though you are almost dead .

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