Mandela effect

Who among us would not have this bad feeling that his memories are betraying him,

Mandela effect

and that what was a certain memory, especially in childhood, was not so, and that this memory was not real, even though deceptive memories, especially childhood ones, are common and easy to understand and explain due to incomplete awareness and awareness or the passage of time. Long for her, but if this happened individually...but what if these deceptive memories happened collectively, that is, a number of people had the same deceptive memories. Here the matter would be extremely strange...and this is what scientists decided upon and called it the Mandela effect In 2009, researcher Fiona Broome called this phenomenon the Mandela Effect. This name came when she realized while attending a conference that she shared false memories related to Nelson Mandela with many people. Fiona noted that many people believe that Mandela died while in prison in the 1980s, and that some believe they have actually watched a television broadcast of his funeral, during which his wife gave a mourning speech. This is not true, as Mandela was released in 1990 amid great global uproar because this release signaled the end of the apartheid system in South Africa. It is also worth noting that Mandela died later in 2013 This is not the only case, as there are many cases, including what many people thought. The world tried about the existence of a movie produced in 1990 called Shazam starring the comedian Sinbad, but in fact there was never this movie. There are also a number of these cases related to some misleading memories of a number of trademarks and others. A large number of people believe that they are written or contain a certain symbol that in fact does not exist, such as the symbol for the famous Monopoly game, where many believe that the character of this symbol wears single-lens glasses. This is not true and the sign was never like that Psychologists were not able to explain this phenomenon with a logical explanation. As we said previously, it is possible to explain this individually easily in human memory. It is not precise like the memory of computers, but rather it is mostly approximate. It is easy for it to be easily deceived, but on a collective level, especially when we are talking about the deceived memory of millions. People who do not share a single culture or environment may be misled, or the information presented at the time may have been intentionally misleading. Here, I believe that the presentation of misleading collective awareness does not hold up for long. Here, I believe, along with many of those interested in these phenomena, that this phenomenon is not a psychological phenomenon at all, and I believe that it is one of the most surprising phenomena. For me, this phenomenon raises three possibilities that are stranger and more complex than some of them The first is the possibility proposed by Mrs. Broome, who originally coined this term, that this phenomenon results from what is known as the conflict of parallel universes. This theory claims that the interference of our world with a parallel world causes the memory of people in the parallel world to mix with the memory of the same people in this world. The second possibility is that there are transients of time and that these people have caused a change in previous events, and therefore events will change in the future, but some people still have the initial memory without change.

The third possibility, and this is what I personally believe, is that there are ways to manipulate the subconscious mind and implant false memories inside the human mind in certain ways, and that this is done in one way or another.

Regardless of all these possibilities, careful scientific research must be carried out into such phenomena...and I do not know in whose interest this is not done!!!

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