Pandora's box

According to Greek mythology, Zeus entrusted the two giants who betrayed the giants on behalf of the gods, the brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus... Prometheus created man and his brother Epimetheus animals, and Zeus gave them a limited amount of skills and capabilities with which to create new creatures. Epimetheus was faster and used more of these capabilities to create animals, so he gave them fur, flight, speed, and strength.

Pandora's box

 As for Prometheus, he was too sophisticated and took too much time. He wanted to create man in the best condition, but he could not. On the contrary, he created humans who were extremely weak, which forced him to steal some skills and talents from the gods, such as navigation, animal domestication, mining, carpentry, and architecture.However, providing humans with these skills did not please Zeus, who did not like humans and considered that they should remain weak so that the tragedy of the giants would not be repeated with them and they would try to rebel against the gods...but he did not punish him with any of his innovative, harsh punishments, and only warned him, but because Prometheus was a seasoned man, he decided To commit an even greater theft, which is to steal the “sacred fire” and give it to humans...Those who made the best use of it, and it was the cause of a massive renaissance and boom for humanity, which aroused the wrath and wrath of the masters of Olympus, especially Zeus, who in turn decided to punish Prometheus with one of his cruel, sadistic punishments. He hung him on a mountain and made the osprey eat his liver every day... so that every day a new liver grew for him. He was devoured by punishment... a very sadistic punishment, but innovative for the truth... However, Hercules, the disobedient son of Zeus, freed Prometheus from that punishment and returned to humans... Here Zeus decided to change his strategy in punishment and for the punishment to be more innovative and more comprehensive... He would not only punish Prometheus, but also humans, so he decided to create the first woman, Pandora

Thus, he asked the god of blacksmithing, fire, and volcanoes, Hephaestus, to make the woman, and asked each and every one of the gods to offer her a gift. Athena gave her the gift of knitting, Aphrodite the gift of gravity, Hermes the ability to speak sweetly and deceptively, and Hera gave her the quality of curiosity. Pay close attention to this trait of curiosity...because it is the trait that will bring ruin to humans, according to legend

The legend continues that after Pandora adorned the gods with the most beautiful clothes and adornments, and gave her the name “Giver of Gifts,” they sent her to Earth as a gift to Epimetheus, who decided to marry her immediately, despite Prometheus warning him not to accept gifts from Zeus.

On the occasion of the wedding, Zeus gave the bride a gift, which was a jar or box, as in the modern translation of the myth, but her husband asked her never to open it.

But out of curiosity, Pandora took advantage of her husband's sleep and opened the box or jar, and all the evil it contained came out and spread to spread throughout the earth, including hatred, envy, disease, and every evil that humans had never known before. When she hurried to close the vessel, all of its contents were freed from it except for something. One person remained at the bottom of it, and he was the spirit of hope, and his name was “Elbes"

Then Pandora felt very sad about what she had done and that she had become the cause of humanity's misery.

Here we must pay attention to the fact that Greek mythology is not, rather, permissible to be treated as it establishes a doctrine, but rather is a symbolic philosophical proposal for one of the most important profound philosophies in human history.

I think that this myth presented and embodied two very important things

The first is the symbolism of the revolution of Zeus and the other gods to steal fire, and I think that what is meant by fire is the esoteric knowledge that the ancient Greeks believed was the path to development for humans and the conflict between the priests of this knowledge and ordinary humans who are deprived of benefiting from this knowledge.

The second thing is the symbolism. I consider that women and their presence on earth are a kind of punishment for humans, and that she and her curiosity are the ones who brought all the misfortunes to this world. And between the fact that women are special, directly created by the gods, comes to women according to a special sacred myth...and this shows the eternal conflict between men and women. The other eternal question arises: Is a woman sacred or a devil?!

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