Qara's terrifying prison

A terrifying prison. It is the only one in the world with its unique type, and its place is here in our Arab homeland. Its location is underground and its area is unknown to this day. The strangest thing is that there is not a single door or window. His entry means one thing, which is to disappear forever. It is a terrifying and mysterious mystery, and no one has been able to solve it. Stories about an ancient curse and about ghosts and spirits that inhabit it to this day, the terrifying Qara Prison in Morocco.

Qara's terrifying prison
Qara's terrifying prison
Qara's terrifying prison
Qara's terrifying prison

The stories of prisons around the world are countless and constitute rich material to this day. It attracts writers and filmmakers. The more dangerous these prisons become, the more attention is paid to them and the conditions of their prisoners, and the more persistent attempts to escape from the wastes of a prison with tight security and a location that is often unknown. Except that the prison I will talk about in this topic is unlike any prison you have heard or read about in the world. It was classified as one of the most dangerous prisons in the eighteenth century. In short, an underground prison of unknown size, and the strangest thing is that it has no doors or windows. The legend of the Moroccan Qara prison that baffled everyone who heard about it. In this topic, we will talk about several topics
- The most important of which are: -
- The story of its creation and its purpose
- The controversy surrounding the confinement of Qara Prison and its area
-   Myths and narratives revolving around prison
The Curse of the Prison The story of the construction of the prison goes back to the era of Sultan Mawla Ismail in the eighteenth century. At that time, the Sultan needed a huge place to imprison about 40,000 prisoners who had been arrested, including many southern foreigners and Europeans. According to the story, among the prisoners there was a construction expert from the Portuguese community, so Mawla Ismail asked him to build a huge prison for this purpose and promised him the fulfillment of one wish of his, which is the wish that caresses the dreams of every prisoner, and the wish is freedom, but on one condition that he succeed in building this prison. To be the most dangerous and strangest in the world. The Qara prison was in the Moroccan city of Meknes. It was an underground prison, specifically under the Ismaili palaces. The interesting part of the novel is that it is said that Mawla Ismail asked the Portuguese expert to build one secret corridor in the prison so that whoever finds this corridor would be rewarded with his release. No, the issue is not easy at all, as the passage is carefully hidden and difficult to find for reasons that I will mention in the context of the topic. But before that, I must mention the work that the prisoners performed during their imprisonment. Mawla Ismail was fond of European architecture, specifically French, and especially the Palace of Versailles. Mawla Ismail ordered the prisoners who had experience in construction work to participate in the work of building palaces and walls, equal in grandeur to those that abound in the European continent, but with an ancient and authentic Arab spirit. Qara prison is unlike any prison on the face of the earth. Why? The answer: The first thing that comes to our minds when talking about prisons is the presence of armored doors and iron or even electronic locks that cannot be breached, and this is exactly what cannot be seen in Qara prison. This prison, which has become famous from Morocco to the entire world, does not have doors or even a single window, which makes it completely isolated from the outside world. What raises suspicion and fear most is its interior design, as the prison is a maze in every sense of the word. Because of the prison's tangled labyrinths, the people began to circulate the famous saying: The one who enters the prison is lost, and the one who leaves it is born. Entering Qara prison means one thing: disappearing from the face of the earth completely, and that is because of the difficulty of getting out of it. Do you realize, dear reader, why it is so difficult to find this secret passage that Mawla Ismail ordered to be built? Because the prison is a maze whose parts cannot be distinguished at all. There are many stories of disappearances in Qara Prison, and one of the most famous of these stories is the disappearance of a French delegation who deliberately entered the prison with the aim of discovering it, but never left. At that time, the Moroccan authorities decided to close the prison to avoid further disappearances, and kept one part of it open as a tourist destination that attracts lovers of adventure and excitement. How to deliver food and drink to the prisoners without the risk of never getting out of this huge maze again. There is one way to deliver food, which is through groups of holes in the prison ceiling, which range in height from one and a half to ten metres. Why is the prison named after Qara? There are two versions of why Al-Habs was given the name Qara. The first story: The prison was named after the name of the Portuguese prisoner who bore the name Qara. The second story: The story says that one of the prison guards during the French protectorate in Morocco was bald-headed, so the French used to call him qara in an attempt to say bald. This narrative is not supported by historians, as many support the first narrative. The prison area is the biggest mystery that has not been solved to this day. There have been many accounts that deal with its actual area. The first story is that the area of the prison is equal to the area of the Ismaili palaces under which it lies. The second story: The prison area is larger than that, covering the entire area of ​​the city of Meknes. The third novel: This novel is controversial. The novel says that the area of ​​the prison is larger than the human mind can imagine, if the distance between Meknes and Taza in the east and Marrakesh in the south is equal, all the way to some northern cities. Can you imagine the huge size of this prison? It is a very terrifying prison, and it is suspicious that none of these stories have been confirmed, but what is certain is that the area of ​​Qara prison is very large. The prison area is not the only mystery that Qara Prison hides. There are many stories that dealt with the reality of this prison and its nature. First: The prison was not built by Mawla Ismail, but rather it had existed since ancient times, and upon its discovery, Mawla Ismail asked for its restoration to be used as a prison. Second: In ancient times, the prison was an entire city bustling with life under the surface of the earth, and it represented a Moroccan civilization thousands of years old. People resorted to it to escape wars and natural disasters. Third: The prison was originally used as a large landfill, meaning, more correctly, a huge food warehouse in anticipation of any emergency that the city might witness. Some consider the height of the prison ceiling to be tangible evidence that its purpose was to store food. The most terrifying truth about the Moroccan Qara prison is the so-called curse of the Moroccan Qara prison. According to these people, this prison is haunted by ghosts, and the souls of the first group who lived in it and died in it wander in its basements. So it is said that their presence can be felt and even their whispers can be heard
Between the prison walls. Very terrifying. In short, this is all that is diverted from the Moroccan Qara prison, which has turned into a tourist destination visited by many from all over the world. Was there an integrated civilization under the surface that was turned into a prison? What is the fate of the French mission? What did they find inside? Are there really ghosts and spirits inside the prison and we can hear them? However, what is certain is that this strange, frightening and mysterious edifice constitutes an interesting place. We found this from information about the Moroccan Qara prison, a terrifying and mysterious prison throughout history and will remain so from the date of its establishment to the present day.

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