The second Nakba

These are the same white handkerchiefs and tissues that their ancestors used to hold seventy-five years ago and wave while they were displaced from their homes so that the Israeli army would not snipe or kill them.

The second Nakba

These words that I write are as heavy as the burdens that the immigrants from northern Gaza carry on their backs, as heavy as the burdens of those who failed them and those who conspired against them and for the blood of their brothers. God willing, for reasons that are not hidden from anyone, this generation will see this second Nakba through a live broadcast in front of the eyes of the conspiring world and its traitorous and complicit international “humanitarian” organizations. Thirty-five days in which hospitals, schools, homes, trees, and stones are bombed, and the world stands by and watches without moving. In fact, he blesses and justifies the amount of explosives equivalent to two nuclear bombs that were bombed in Gaza, and no one cares. After steadfastness for more than a month, some of the residents of the North had no choice but to flee from the raging hell that descended over their heads every day, and to add to the black comedy, most of these displaced people were actually refugees coming from the Green Line lands from which they were displaced over the course of years. Since the first Nakba What is strange is that even in the first Nakba, the Arab armies were fighting and then lost, but this time they are not alone, facing Israel and behind it what used to call itself the leader of the free world, the United States and other fascist Western governments. Today, twenty years after the fall of Baghdad, with everyone's blessing, we saw hundreds of thousands of killers in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon, and Sudan, and no single spoke, and we saw dozens of cities destroyed from Idlib to Taiz, and no one stopped at this and shook a hair. Today, we see Gaza on the verge of collapse amid little protest and a lot of conspiracy and gloating

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