Secrets of the strangest Jewish rituals

There are some customs and traditions specific to every religion and every people that we must know, and in this video we talk about the Jewish religion

We will explain this to you through this clip - the most important of these facts and the strangest religious customs and rituals in a clearer way in the Jewish religion on the Day of Atonement. Some of the customs that the mind cannot comprehend include carrying a white rooster or hen on the head. Among the already strange customs, the Jew wraps a number of birds around his head. Rolls: A Jew can perform this ritual for his entire family. The goal of the ritual is to transfer the sins he committed throughout the Hebrew year to the hen. After that, the rooster or white hen is slaughtered and distributed to the poor. The Jews believe that he has gotten rid of sins through these rituals. After the ritual, he eats foods made of sugar to begin with. A happy, sin-free life. One of the most strange Jewish customs is the flogging of a guilty person who confesses his sins by a Jewish doctor until he is absolved of his sins. The guilty person confesses the mistakes he commits first before treating him, such as theft, harassment, murder, or any other mistake, and then He is flogged. When a Jewish person dies and his body is removed and buried in his cemetery, a living Jew goes down to the cemetery and sleeps in it for several hours, believing that this will prolong his life. This is one of the most famous strange Jewish customs. The ritual bath or ritual bath is one of the strange rituals that occur among the Jews, and it is also one of the necessary things for them, as this bath is a lake that contains natural water coming from the spring, or rain that purifies their body.

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