Simon Magus

No one knows how Simon Magus found the secrets of miracles from his visit to Egypt and Iraq

Simon Magus

However, he returned after the slaughter of John the Baptist to assume the presidency of the Essene group, of which he was a member. When one of the prominent members of the group challenged him and grabbed a whip and began hitting Simon Magus with it, the latter stood still and then it seemed as if the whip was passing through him. During it, he then rose from the ground with an agricultural basket and landed on the roof of the temple. At this point, the group fell down and he asked, challenging him for the leadership while he was kneeling, “Are you the Savior who will come in the end? Are you the last one standing?” Simon replied, “Yes.”
Here we notice that the call of Jesus Christ had not yet met with any success, and the number of believers in Jesus Christ did not exceed thirty people at the time of John’s slaughter.
Therefore, the groups were eagerly awaiting the landing of the Savior without knowing that he was actually among them, and I am talking here about the Jewish religious and intellectual groups such as the Essenes, the Galagians, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees, with the exception of a few people from these strict sects.
Therefore, the miracle of Simon Magus was powerful and witnessed in Jerusalem
the stranger
Simon Magus took with him (a sacred prostitute priestess from Syria) (probably one of the smartest and most beautiful ones), and he named her Ennoia and considered her to be the embodiment of the first Ionia. Most likely, this woman gave him powerful secrets, and it is clear that she was very trained to dissuade a relatively large number of disciples. It is certain that Ennoia This was the link between Simon and the secrets and thoughts of the Holy Whore
We must also mention that (Paul, who was born with the name Saul, was the one who opened the door for his Christianity to these esotericism, without knowing his interpretations of the esoteric words of Jesus Jesus, which opened the door to such interpretations.
When Peter the Rock, the Apostle of Christ, disagreed with Simon Magus, the famous Janus, about the fundamentalism of the miracles of each of them, the Roman Emperor proposed a challenge between them. So Simon Magus had no choice but to raise his arms to one side and begin to rise, to the astonishment of everyone, while Peter stood praying, and here the story of the ending differs.
Christians confirm that Magus fell from a huge height and broke his legs in two places after Peter's prayers led to the removal of the demons carrying the sorcerer, so they knocked him down.
  The Geniuses, on the other hand, say that Magus succeeded in landing on the roof of the palace safely, which led Emperor Nero to make a statue of him in the middle of the Tiber River, whose name is still on it to this day.
  He throws Peter into prison and then to the crucifixion, because Peter refused to be crucified in the same position as his master, out of humiliation for himself, so he asked to be crucified upside down.
  His faith in the martyrdom and surrender cross motivated many to believe in him, while Christians see that the crucifixion came after another dispute after its challenging position, and that the statue in the name of Magus belongs to a Roman leader, whoever he was, and the origin of the peace sign goes back to the arrow of the upside-down cross of Peter the Rock.

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