The secret book

In many ways Enoch, the “consecrated one” or the prophet of God, Idris, has been linked to “Thoth”, the bringer of knowledge and wisdom in ancient Egypt.

The secret book

In many ways... Enoch, the “consecrated one” or the Prophet of God Idris, peace be upon him, has been linked to “Thoth”, the bringer of knowledge and wisdom in ancient Egypt. From what has been narrated about Thoth, he was a contemporary of Atlantis, and it is likely that she is concerned with the Pillars of Erem, which was mentioned in the Qur’an. Which was the main reason for its destruction after it reached the pinnacle of knowledge and power.. was the excessive use of what were called the pillars of Atlantis or crystal pillars interacting with energies of all kinds.. which led that civilization to collapse after its contact with scientifically advanced satanic entities.. and we discussed before what is concerned with the different crystals of Atlantis. Shapes and sizes... and so far... and its importance in activating the energy of the pyramids around the world and their communications system... including the golden crystal that some parties affiliated with Freemasonry tried to use for their ceremony scheduled for November 11, 2011 at the Great Pyramid in the Giza area, which was cancelled... but what What concerns us in this regard... is that a number of ancient manuscripts mentioned in the documents of the Freemasons themselves attribute to Thoth the transfer of many sciences from Atlantis to Egypt... They also attribute to him the concealment of the codes and energies of the pyramids in the Giza region... especially under the famous Sphinx...
It is one of the ancient manuscripts that was forged, its sciences were distorted, and it was used to distort the facts of ancient prophecies, and even to use it in magic and dealing with other entities.. It is what was called the Book of Enoch.. as ancient parts of this book contain details of ancient entities, angels, demons, fallen angels, and what were called beings. The aliens that were taken as gods and the mating that took place with humans... Parts of this book were treated as a main reference for magic... including what was translated by the most famous British magician (Daniel Day)... One of the basic concepts in the Book of Enoch is that there were twenty devils who came to earth... and they were treated as titans. ..And they married human daughters and gave birth to terrifying offspring.. But the members of the offspring were scientifically advanced and had made advanced, elaborate weapons and wondrous jewelry, and they also drank blood as a popular habit... This story is also present in the Talmud itself.. Indeed, many details have been added to it. ..
  Abdullah Al-Hadhrad took from it the basics of the book of magic, “Al-Azif”. He is a famous Yemeni magician who appeared around the year 700 AD during the period of the Umayyad rule. He visited the ruins of Babylon and traveled almost the entire world. It is said that he spent 10 years alone in the desert of the Empty Quarter. He excelled many times. The languages he used in translating ancient manuscripts, and in his book “Al-Azif” he spoke about wondrous things, including that he saw the city of Iram with the pillars mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. His book, Al-Azif, is what later became known as “The Necronomicon”... This book describes magical methods for investigating the mysterious past by excavating corpses and conjuring spirits. It is a reverse model of the thought of the famous fortune teller, “Nostradamus”, who uses magical methods to read the future... and it was completed. His book was translated into several languages. What is strange is that the original Arabic version of it was never found. The Latin translation of the book appeared at the hands of the priest Aulus Wormeus. He was the one who gave the book the Greek name Necronomicon. But Wormeus was accused of heresy and burned, and his papers were burned with him. ...and if some believe and confirm that these papers were preserved in the Vatican Library...
Al-Hadrad believed that races other than humans shared this earth with humans and also shared its sciences. He claimed that he had contact with the ancient ones through magic. He believed that these people would eventually control the earth, turning the world we know into ruins. He talked about a hostile universe in which there were powerful forces... and even Crowley's book The Law and the satanic dealings with other entities in the modern era were taken from the book Al-Azif by Al-Hazard... and the great horror writer Lovecraft spoke about the terrible book "Necronomicon" or "Al-Azif". The meaning of the word in Arabic is the sound of night insects. The Arabs believed that this was the sound of the jinn...
  What concerns us in this matter is to transform what was attributed to Enoch into dealing in magic and communicating with other entities in satanic ways that have been preserved over and over for very ancient generations dating back to before the flood...And God Almighty is Most High and All-Knowing.

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