The 10 strangest cases of phobia

It is a psychological illness that means intense and persistent fear of certain situations activities objects or peopleThis intense and persistent fear usually

The 10 strangest cases of phobia

1- Paper phobia: The person afflicted with this paper phobia may be afraid of simply touching paper, while others may be afraid of cut or wet paper or even white paper.

2- Youth phobia; The one whom the children of the neighborhood or the street are always afraid of is this old man who always raises his voice as a scolding or a threat or a threat to the children if they approach the house or raise their voice while playing, that old man…. Our parents always warn us about him, saying, “Do not approach Uncle So-and-so’s house,” as he has a bad temper and his constant hobby is scolding and threatening the children. The surprise is that this is a new type of phobia among the elderly. It is caused by an irrational fear or disgust of young teenagers, which is necessarily reflected in the way they treat these teenagers with rudeness and harshness. It is strange to know that this phobia of age is general, meaning that adults can be afflicted with it. Babies and young children develop a phobia of the elderly.

3- Hair phobia; What is meant here is “poetry” by breaking the shin. Scientists believe that the fear of poetry may have its roots in the origin of the conditions of our general knowledge of the various literary arts such as school. The reason for the fear of the person suffering from poetry phobia is due to his unwillingness to feel his failure to decipher the meanings of the verses, these expressions that he is not accustomed to dealing with in his daily life, or his fear of appearing stupid in front of people or in front of himself.

4- Phobia of vomiting; Those who have this phobia do not prefer to talk about it because just mentioning it makes them feel like vomiting! In fact, someone who suffers from vomiting phobia is always afraid of contracting the disease and then has a compulsive desire to vomit, so you will find him avoiding situations that might cause him stomach upset as a result of psychological pressure, or he refuses to eat any prepared food. By others and even not eating certain foods or drinks for fear of food poisoning! Excessive hygiene is one of the characteristics of someone with vomiting phobia, for fear of any bacteria that may necessarily lead to illness or poisoning. If we mention women who have a phobia of vomiting, we must mention that this phobia controls them to the point that they avoid pregnancy so that they do not suffer from the symptoms of pregnancy, the most important of which are morning nausea and vomiting! Also avoid seeing, hearing, or caring for sick people.

5- Sleep phobia; Sleep constitutes about a third of our life, so its utmost importance cannot be denied, but you must convince those suffering from sleep phobia of this fact! These people have an unjustified fear of sleep, which negatively affects their lives through exhaustion, fatigue, and not getting enough sleep. Therefore, they have no choice but to take sleeping pills that may give them a few hours of narcolepsy.

6- Chin phobia: You may prefer certain physical features. You may like the small, stylized nose that suggests childhood and innocence to you, while you do not like the hooked nose, as for you it is a manifestation of malice and deception, but for you it reaches the stage of terror and fear of it, this is unreasonable. Absolutely. Chin phobia is one of those types of phobia. The phobia here is not a fear of having a large, square chin, for example. Rather, it is a fear of simply seeing or touching this chin, whether it is yours or a stranger passing by in the street. Chin phobia is not the only one in this area, but there are also its friends, knee phobia, hand phobia, and navel phobia....

7- Color phobia: When we talk about color phobia, its impact on the life of the person suffering from it reaches the point of complete paralysis! How difficult their lives become in a world of different colors. Imagine how the way of life of people with color phobia must change to avoid many colors completely. But fortunately for others, they have a phobia towards one color, such as yellow phobia, violet phobia, or white phobia.

8-phobia of mirrors; The person is afraid of all types of mirrors or even any reflective surface. Perhaps the reason for this phobia stems from the fear of a person seeing his own image in the mirror.

9- Work phobia; Waking up early...traffic traffic in the morning...the manager's anger are all factors that must eventually lead to a real phobia! This irrational, pathological fear of work also has degrees. Perhaps performing certain tasks while working or facing a difficult situation during daily work is one of the biggest fears for someone suffering from work phobia. Work phobia is often a group of phobias combined: phobia of public speaking, social phobia, and phobia of failure.

10- Fear of fear itself... This is the miracle that the person suffering from the phobia of fear achieves. Fear is a necessary element of our lives as human beings because it is what helps us react suddenly if we are exposed to it. But the fear of simply being exposed to it...this is the phobia itself. Symptoms of phobia vary from sweaty palms, through panic attacks, all the way to complete social isolation.

Common types of phobias
- Fear of showering
- Fear of itching or of insects that cause itching
- Fear of the dark
-Fear of noise
- The fear of heights
- Fear of wide and open places
- Fear of sea or air sickness
- Fear of unsanitary things (unsterile)
Fear of pain
Fear of crowds
Fear of non-domestic animals
Fear of crossing roads
Fear of needles and sharp objects
Fear of cats
- Fear of expressing an opinion
- Fear of riding in a car
- Fear of being scratched
-Fear of looking up
- Fear of wind
- Fear of suffocation
- Fear of anger
-Fear of staying alone
- Fear of touching
- Fear of bees
- Fear of spiders
- Fear of numbers
- Fear of fire
- Fear of thunder and lights
- Fear of stars and celestial bodies
- Fear of destruction
-fear of failure
- Fear of statues, dolls, wax animals, and all things that depict animate beings
- Fear of getting dirty
- Fear of being separated from the group
- Fear of flying
According to the opinion of mental health experts, most diseases of fear and panic of certain things and places can be treated through behavioral therapy because they are psychological diseases.

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