Tragic thoughts

It's just malicious thoughts taking control of my mind. There is no need for any failed and fake rescue attempt.

Tragic thoughts

If you still watch me from afar, I want to tell you that my wound is still bleeding, after the last night and after you have gone away, I still feel every moment that passes. I know that this torment has not done anything to your mind, and you will never back again. I want to tell you that I created from torment a source of pleasure, better than your fake orgasm I always felt with you, better and stronger and for a long time, I can To enjoy my pain, I can enjoy the sound of my screams every night as if it turns into a tragic symphony, I do not want this pain to end, If you are still watching me from afar , I want you to come closer to me to enjoy with this pain more, because I know that the sound of my screams can not be heard clearly and you are in that a far place so you have to approach so that you can touch and hear the sound of pain ,Until you can hear the sound of my torn heart so that you can enjoy all these tragic moments that happen to me, my life has become more dramatic than movies you watch with your new Whore every day  ...
You're here ...  closer... come closer.

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