Two Arab films on the preliminary Oscars list

in considered an achievement for Arab cinema, especially Moroccan cinema, after two Arab films were nominated for the long list of Oscars for 2024.

Two Arab films on the preliminary Oscars list

The Tunisian film “Daughters of Olfa” and the Moroccan film “White Lies” were selected on the preliminary list for the Best International Film Oscar in the ninety-sixth session of the most famous award in the world.

The Tunisian Ministry of Cultural Affairs had officially announced that, for the first time in the history of Tunisian cinema, the film “Daughters of Olfa” by Kaouther Ben Haniyeh was competing on the two short lists for the Oscars in its ninety-sixth session, which is the list of documentary films and the list of best international film.

The film's events revolve around the true story of a Tunisian woman named Olfa Hamrouni, who loses her two daughters after they decided to join ISIS in Libya.

The Moroccan film "White Lies", directed by Moroccan director Asmaa El-Moudir, was also nominated for the Oscar for Best International Film. The film won the Grand Prize, the Golden Star, at the Marrakesh International Film Festival.

It is noteworthy that the Egyptian film “Foy, Foy, Foy” failed to make it to the initial list, which unfortunately seems to be common for Egyptian cinema.

 It is worth noting that the preliminary list for the best international film includes 15 films from among dozens of films that were nominated by their countries to compete for the award that is given annually to films produced outside the United States

The shortlist for the Best International Film Award is expected to be announced in January, and the name of the winning film will be announced at the Academy Awards ceremony on March 10 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles

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