2024's UK Film and TV Productions: A Comprehensive Update

Explore the latest 2024 updates on high-end film and TV productions shooting in the UK, featuring top studios and casts

2024's UK Film and TV Productions: A Comprehensive Update
  1. Introduction
    • Overview of the thriving UK film and TV production scene in 2024.
  2. Major Film Productions
    • Brief on each major film shooting in the UK, including directors, cast, and shooting locations.
  3. Highlighted TV Series
    • Insight into key TV series productions, their creators, and star-studded casts.
  4. Spotlight on Unique Genres and Themes
    • Examination of the diverse genres and themes being explored in these productions.
  5. Impact on the UK's Film and TV Industry
    • Analysis of the economic and cultural impact of these productions on the UK.
  6. Looking Ahead
    • What these productions signify for the future of UK film and TV.
  7. FAQs
    • Answers to commonly asked questions about the UK's film and TV production landscape in 2024.
  8. Conclusion
    • Final thoughts on the significance of these productions for the UK's creative industry.

2024's UK Film and TV Productions: A Comprehensive Update

The UK's film and TV production landscape in 2024 is bustling with activity, showcasing the region's importance as a premier destination for high-end productions. From sprawling historical epics to cutting-edge sci-fi series, the UK's diverse locations and top-tier talent continue to attract big studios and streaming giants. This article delves into the latest film and TV productions taking root in the UK, highlighting the directors, star-studded casts, and the anticipated impact on the industry.

Major Film Productions

  • Bad Apples dives into the challenging world of a primary school teacher in Bristol, featuring Saoirse Ronan under Jonatan Etzler's direction.
  • The Stuntman, a Kick-Ass spin-off, brings action to Hampshire, though cast details remain under wraps.
  • Bank of Dave The Sequel sees Rory Kinnear battling payday loaners in Burnley and Leeds, distributed by Netflix.
  • Among others, Deep Cover and How To Train Your Dragon remake spotlight London and Belfast, respectively, with stars like Orlando Bloom and Mason Thames.

Highlighted TV Series

  • Slow Horses returns for a fifth season with Gary Oldman, bringing espionage thrills to London.
  • Lockerbie, split into two distinct productions, revisits the tragic 1988 air disaster from multiple angles, featuring stars like Colin Firth.
  • The Devil’s Hour and The Franchise explore supernatural mysteries and satirical comedy, respectively, showcasing the UK's range in genre storytelling.

Spotlight on Unique Genres and Themes

The 2024 slate reveals the UK's embrace of diverse genres, from historical dramas like Tornado set in 1790s Britain to futuristic sagas such as Silo, highlighting the industry's versatility and innovation.

Impact on the UK's Film and TV Industry

These productions not only bolster the UK's reputation as a filming hub but also promise significant economic benefits and job creation, further cementing the country's global standing in entertainment.

Looking Ahead

The current wave of productions signals a bright future for the UK's film and TV industry, with potential to attract even more international projects and talent.


Q: How do these productions impact the local economy? A: They generate jobs, boost tourism, and foster local business growth.

Q: Can the public visit these filming locations? A: While some locations may be accessible, others might be restricted during filming.


The 2024 film and TV production landscape in the UK is a testament to the country's enduring appeal and capability to host world-class productions. As these projects unfold, they not only contribute to the cultural tapestry but also affirm the UK's pivotal role in shaping global entertainment narratives.

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