What if aliens were real?!!

What if aliens were real?!!

It caused a great uproar after the Mexican Congress announced in the past few days that it would display skeletons or corpses, which it called whatever it wanted, of beings that are neither human nor animal, and which very closely resemble (with the three fingers of their hands) aliens in the collective human consciousness, which were created by American cinema and comic books originally due to pure coincidence, of course. ...Congress has announced that it will verify the truth about those two bodies that were originally found in Peru...and whether they are the bodies of aliens or not. Thus, this will be the first official acknowledgment by a country of the existence of these aliens....

Despite the seeming lack of seriousness of this matter, with all due respect to the Mexican Congress... and the issue seems to be that behind this announcement there is what appears to be some propaganda or a political matter, it does not matter what it is now... and that by the end of the matter, Congress will not announce anything... But the matter has opened an important question... It may be a matter of pure assumption or even blasphemy. What if it were confirmed one day that there actually are aliens?

What will change in our world?

What will change in our beliefs and knowledge of the universe and ourselves?

I think that the first thing that will be a result of this confirmation is that many historical events, antiquities, etc. will be read differently, and it will prove many theories about the superiority of some early civilizations and that their cause was the assistance of aliens...and I believe that the Egyptian civilization and the Mayan civilization in Peru, which is claimed to have been found. Those bodies, especially their pyramids, especially the Egyptian ones, are still a mystery that has baffled all scholars for thousands of years...and also after historical events such as the fall of Rome in 476 at the hands of the Germanic tribes, even though the fall of Rome or the Western Roman Empire took place over many years and for no reason. Many, but the strange victories of the barbaric Germanic tribes over the great and invincible Roman armies have always aroused the astonishment of many historians throughout history...

It was said in analyzes that were considered very blasphemous about the Germans seeking help from some non-human aid!!

The second result, I believe, is that it changes the concept of the eternal conflict between the two forces, man and jinn... although many, especially in the West, do not acknowledge this conflict openly, but this does not prevent everyone from being inside it, especially Westerners, that this conflict is one of the main axes of this universe, but the presence of a third force in that The equation brings about many changes, especially if the third force has higher capabilities than humans

Finally, I think that the most important result, I think, is that it has re-evaluated man’s self-evaluation, especially after he became wild and began to believe that he is the master of the universe. This discovery will restore to us our humility in dealing with this universe and all that it contains, especially when we discover that it does not revolve only around us....

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