Secrets of death

Some people may be surprised by such interest in the approaching death, and consider it evidence of a weakness in character or an indication of a psychological defect, and the person who has it should seek help from a specialist doctor to treat it.
However, as is usual in most such cases, superstitions find those who believe in them and are guided by their claims, believing that they are a reflection of experience in “monitoring” the “common” signs of death and in “looking” at its effects through previous experiences.
A common sign of such "superstitions" is the claim that the shadow usually disappears three days before a person dies. They believe in this matter even though seeing shadows is often not possible, especially in the absence of specific conditions.
There is another sign, also related to shadows, but this time it talks about noticing intrusive shadows that appear for a second and then disappear. Those who believe in this sign point out that this does not mean that someone who is attacked by an unknown shadow will suddenly die, but rather that it means that death is on its way to one of the building’s residents!

Among the beliefs about the signs of approaching death is one that talks about the appearance of a light, bluish, hazy aura surrounding the person several months before death, and this is evident in photographs, while this hazy glow is linked to the aura of the person in question.
Another myth about signs of approaching death refers to a change in skin color. The skin, which is the largest organ in the body, naturally undergoes changes due to blood circulation disorders, as doctors say, and some may notice health symptoms such as blueness in the hands or the appearance of spots on the face, but death watchers link the changes in a person’s skin to the arrival of death!
Among the strange signs is a myth that talks about a discrepancy in facial features, and that this can be observed in any difference or discrepancy between the eyebrows or eyes, and that the state of the soul changes before death and this is reflected in the symmetry of the face!
In addition to all these signs, others come, according to her beliefs, in the form of auditory or visual hallucinations. It states that a person who expects death in advance periodically hears a conversation in an empty room, and may imagine that he hears the sound of a bell ringing, and sometimes this is also accompanied by visual hallucinations.

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