An invasion of Gaza seems imminent

It seems that the expected ground invasion by Israeli forces into Gaza is closer than ever before

An invasion of Gaza seems imminent

Today, the fourteenth of October, the Israeli authorities requested the evacuation of several hospitals in the Gaza Strip. Al-Awda Hospital, Al-Quds Hospital, Kamal Adwan Hospital, and others requested through the Red Crescent to evacuate these hospitals in preparation for attacking them.
Since the beginning of this war, hospitals in the Gaza Strip have been subjected to deliberate targeting
Today, the Jordanian field hospital went out of service after being targeted, and this is not the only case. The Indonesian hospital was targeted and one of its workers was killed, and Beit Hanoun Hospital and many others were also bombed.
The health situation in Gaza has become a disaster in light of these targeting of hospitals and the severe shortage of medical supplies and medicines in light of the siege and the ban on any aid entering the Strip until now. This is in addition to the fact that hospitals can no longer accommodate all this number of infected people, as the number of infected people has exceeded. So far, nearly 8,000,000 infected people have been infected, of course, in addition to more than 2,250
The humanitarian situation in Gaza is more than tragic. The water is about to run out, there is no electricity or fuel. More than two million people live under indiscriminate bombardment and without the most basic resistance to human life.
It is worth noting that targeting hospitals in times of war is a war crime according to international law, as are any attempts to evacuate those hospitals. This is self-evident, but it seems that international law and even humanitarian law, even in its simplest form, are being approved these days with blatant Western complicity.
It seems to them that the ground invasion is the only one, with its high cost, that will restore this consideration unless the international community stops intervention and it, even if that is more likely.

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