Extremist settlers attack Palestinian property in the northern Jordan Valley

Groups of extremist settlers continued their attacks on Palestinian property in the northern Jordan Valley areas of the West Bank

Extremist settlers attack Palestinian property in the northern Jordan Valley

today, Saturday, under the protection of forces from the Israeli occupation army, and they raided the homes of a number of citizens. The Palestinian News Agency “Wafa” quoted the head of the Khirbet Yarza Village Council, Mukhles Masa’id, as saying that more than 20 armed colonists attacked Khirbet, stormed some homes, and searched them, threatening and intimidating the residents. Several areas in the northern Jordan Valley have witnessed widespread violations by the colonists and the Colonial Council, since yesterday evening, Friday, when an armed group of extremist settlers, accompanied by the occupation forces, stormed “Khirbet al-Himma,” and began checking citizens’ ID cards and searching their mobile phones, in addition to photographing their facilities. In addition to storming the “Naba Ghazal” area, and also checking citizens’ cards and phones, and at night, a group affiliated with the “Colonial Council” stormed the “Ahmir” area in Farsi, for the purpose of checking cards and mobile phones. The attacks continued until Saturday morning, when a group of colonists attacked the shepherds east of Ain al-Hilweh, under the protection of the occupation soldiers, who detained the shepherds. At night, the colonists placed an iron gate at the eastern entrance to the village of Ain al-Hilweh to prevent entry or exit. Palestinian citizens. All these attacks and violations coincide with the occupation forces, since the morning hours, closing the “Tayasir” military checkpoint east of Tubas, which leads to the Jordan Valley in both directions. Various areas of the northern Jordan Valley are witnessing escalating daily violations by colonizers and groups affiliated with the Colonial Council against the Palestinian people.

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