Google Search Updates Event Rich Results Appearance

Explore Google's update on event rich results in Search Console, impacting clicks and impressions. A must-read for webmasters.

Google Search Updates Event Rich Results Appearance


  1. Introduction

    • Brief overview of the recent change in Google Search for event rich results.
    • Importance of understanding this update for SEO specialists and webmasters.
  2. What Changed in Google Search?

    • Explanation of the notice posted in the Google Search Console data anomalies section.
    • The date from which the changes took effect.
  3. Impact on Search Console Metrics

    • How the change affects clicks and impressions for event search appearance.
    • Clarification on the perception of traffic drops.
  4. Event Rich Results: Before and After

    • Visual comparison of how event rich results appeared before and after the update.
    • Discussion on the confusion surrounding the new appearance.
  5. Expert Insights

    • Commentary from John Mueller and Ryan Levering on the update.
    • Explanation of the features still utilizing event data.
  6. Understanding the Implications

    • Analysis of what the changes mean for website owners and SEO specialists.
    • Tips on adapting to the new event rich results display.
  7. FAQs

    • Address common questions about the update and its impact on SEO efforts.
  8. Conclusion

    • Summary of the key points discussed.
    • Encouragement to stay informed on Google Search updates for optimal SEO strategy.
  9. Further Resources and Services

    • Promoting further exploration on SEO best practices and Google Search Console usage.

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In the digital age, staying abreast of Google's constant updates is crucial for SEO specialists and webmasters. A recent notice in the Google Search Console's data anomalies section announced a significant change: "Google Search has changed the way event rich results appear in Search results," effective from March 4th onwards. This article delves into the essence of these changes, their impact on web metrics, and offers guidance on navigating this new landscape.

What Changed in Google Search?

On March 4th, Google implemented a notable modification in the appearance of event rich results within search outcomes. This alteration, flagged in the Google Search Console, underscores Google's ongoing efforts to refine and enhance user experience.

Impact on Search Console Metrics

According to Google, this adjustment will likely lead to a decrease in reported clicks and impressions for event-related searches. However, this "drop" should not be misconstrued as a reduction in actual traffic but rather a shift in categorization within Search Console metrics.

Event Rich Results: Before and After

The transformation in how event rich results are displayed has caused some confusion among SEO professionals and webmasters. Before October 2023, these results had a distinctive look, which has since evolved. The nature of these changes, while unclear to some, signifies Google's commitment to evolving search result presentations.

Expert Insights

John Mueller and Ryan Levering from Google shed light on the update, noting that while certain event rich features have been retained, others, specifically rich snippets, were discontinued in this revision. This clarification helps demystify the adjustments for the SEO community.

Understanding the Implications

For website owners and SEO experts, grasping the nuances of this update is essential. The new display of event rich results may necessitate adjustments in SEO strategies, especially for those heavily reliant on event-based traffic.


  • What are event rich results?
  • How do I adapt my SEO strategy in light of these changes?
  • Will this update affect my site's overall visibility in Google Search?


The recent update to event rich results in Google Search is a reminder of the dynamic nature of search engine optimization. By understanding these changes and adapting accordingly, webmasters and SEO specialists can ensure their sites remain visible and effective in attracting the right audience.

Further Resources and Services

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