LSU's Kim Mulkey and The Washington Post A Tense Standoff Amid March Madness

Kim Mulkey, LSU's head coach, faces off with The Washington Post over a profile, amid the NCAA Tournament's Elite Eight push

LSU's Kim Mulkey and The Washington Post A Tense Standoff Amid March Madness


In the heat of March Madness, LSU women's basketball head coach Kim Mulkey finds herself at the center of controversy, not just for her team's performance but due to a contentious standoff with The Washington Post. The legendary coach, known for her fiery spirit and unmatched success on the court, has publicly challenged the newspaper over a profile piece, questioning its timing and accuracy, and threatening legal action.

Kim Mulkey's Reaction to The Washington Post Profile

The Anticipation and Publication

The Washington Post's profile on Kim Mulkey, scheduled for publication ahead of LSU's crucial Sweet 16 game against UCLA, promised an in-depth look at the coach's storied career. However, Mulkey's pre-emptive response, laced with skepticism and defiance, set the stage for a dramatic confrontation off the court.

The Threat of Legal Action

At a press conference, Mulkey did not mince words, accusing The Washington Post of attempting to distract her team and asserting her readiness to sue should the article present falsehoods. This bold declaration underscored Mulkey's readiness to battle perceived injustices, echoing her tenacity as a coach.

LSU's March Madness Journey

Sweet 16 Triumph

Amidst the brewing controversy, the LSU Lady Tigers, under Mulkey's guidance, showcased their prowess on the court by securing a win over UCLA, propelling them into the Elite Eight. This victory, a testament to the team's focus and resilience, underscored their potential to clinch a second consecutive national title.

The Path Ahead

With the Iowa Hawkeyes looming as their next challenge, the Lady Tigers stand on the precipice of a Final Four berth, a feat that would further cement their status as one of the tournament's formidable forces.

The Controversy Unpacked

The Essence of the Profile

The Washington Post's article delved into Mulkey's complex persona, intertwining her illustrious playing career, coaching achievements, and personal anecdotes to paint a portrait of a figure who is as celebrated as she is controversial.

The Backlash

The profile, while highlighting Mulkey's undeniable success, also brought to light past controversies, including her perceived lack of support for players' sexuality and the criticism she faced for not more vocally supporting Brittney Griner during her detention in Russia. These revelations added layers to the unfolding drama, providing fodder for both critics and supporters.

Kim Mulkey's Legacy and Controversy

A Storied Career

From national championships as a player and coach to an Olympic gold medal, Kim Mulkey's contributions to women's basketball are undeniable. Yet, her career has been punctuated by moments that have sparked debate, reflective of a life lived in the public eye, marked by triumphs and trials.

The Balancing Act

Mulkey's stance against The Washington Post represents more than just a dispute over a newspaper article; it symbolizes the ongoing struggle between public figures and media portrayal, highlighting the delicate balance between personal integrity and public perception.


Q: What did Kim Mulkey say about The Washington Post's profile? A: Mulkey expressed skepticism about the timing and intent of the profile, stating she hadn't read it but threatened legal action if it contained falsehoods.

Q: How has LSU's women's basketball team performed in the NCAA Tournament? A: Under Kim Mulkey's leadership, the LSU Lady Tigers have advanced to the Elite Eight, with aspirations for a Final Four berth and a potential national title.

Q: What controversies surround Kim Mulkey? A: Mulkey has faced criticism for her handling of players' sexuality and her perceived lack of support for Brittney Griner, among other issues.


As LSU continues its quest for glory in the NCAA Tournament, the spotlight on Kim Mulkey intensifies, not just for her coaching prowess but also for her confrontational stance against The Washington Post. This saga, blending sports, media dynamics, and personal conviction, underscores the complexities of being a figure in the high-stakes world of college basketball.

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