The human comedy

There is nothing special about her as it seems. She is an ordinary girl, similar to millions of girls in this strange region of the world. Millions of girls are similar to each other in everything, in ideas, dreams, and frustrations. And that wrong

The human comedy

Each girl has a distinctive spiritual imprint that cannot be repeated

She, in particular, had a very distinct spiritual imprint...very remarkable...and very influential...

Since our first meeting, this imprint attracted me greatly, and my life, filled with fraught and dramatic events, was chronicled before and after this meeting and this day... without exaggeration.

Our relationship has always been a mixture of push and pull...a swinging relationship like the six states in the American elections...toxic of the first degree like the head of an Egyptian cobra...years of disagreements and boycotts and a few months of humanitarian love...

Like Liberia's relationship with the United States...

The situation remained like this until the day that I had been warning about came and she announced her engagement....and that day was a very ordinary winter day....and when I ran out of my house I felt very sad, I do not know where I found myself?

The weather was clear and the people around me were laughing and talking as usual....No one felt or saw the tornadoes, volcanoes and explosions inside me, as if the whole world was a crowd of tragedies inside me, and I do not know how it led me to one of the small public parks, but it was almost empty except for some lovers it seemed. I entered it as if I was drugged or hypnotized...and I reached one of the ancient trees and leaned against it and closed my eyes for a few seconds.

To open it to a place other than where I closed my eyes... I slapped my cheek and I do not know what I am seeing, a dream or reality, but everything seems very real... The place looks like a garden, but it is not what I was in. It is the shape of those things, which resemble trees, but they do not look like any tree or anything else. I have seen it in my life, and its colors are dominated by blue in all its shades... and its shape appears to be hazy and gelatinous, irregular and inconsistent. One of those trees, or rather what trees resemble, half of it was in the shape of a circle and half of it was a square, and the ground was radiating a strange purple color... I kept contemplating this strange place as . My eyes wide open toUnderstandwhat I see...and here I saw what literally made my eyes pop out of my eyeballs

I saw a group of people sitting on sofas hanging in the air with nothing to support them... I looked more closely... I know these people... they look very similar to their drawings and pictures... this is Dante Allegri... this is Shakespeare... this is Somerset Maugham and this is Dickens And this is Da Vinci, and this is Ibn Sina, and this and this and this, oh hell

To be continued

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