Israel bombs the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt

administration of Rafah crossing from Palestinian side and administration of the crossing from Egyptian side were informed of the necessity of evacuating

Israel bombs the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt

On Tuesday, Israeli warplanes bombed the Rafah crossing for the second time within 24 hours, according to Palestinian and Egyptian sources, on the fourth day of the war that broke out between Israel and Hamas.
An Egyptian source said that the Rafah crossing was bombed for the second time within 24 hours.
The source added, according to what was reported by Egyptian med
ia, that the strike destroyed the entrance to the crossing, which is the same place that was bombed on Monday.
He added that the crossing was closed as a result.
Iyad Al-Bazum, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior and National Security of the Hamas movement that controls the Gaza Strip, said: “The occupation planes re-bombed the Rafah crossing gate between the Palestinian and Egyptian sides after it was repaired yesterday.”
Al-Bazm added that what happened today “prevents the departure and arrival of travelers.”

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