Category: Short Stories

Winter never come

She is no longer here anymore. All I have to do now is accept these painful days. From now on, I couldn't hear her voice, I coul...


In the first hour after midnight, I can feel God next to me in the other room, He is really closer to me than the jugular vein tha...


I am here again, in a place I do not know, and I do not know who brought me here. There is no sound, no movement

the infinite Void

There is no one here ... Yes you have become completely alone, everyone who has been here and everyone in your life has gone away

The Dancer

She always dances, and everywhere, She danced to forget everything that happened to her, she danced to find a new life

The Black tunnel

It's been a long time and we're still on the road and so far the train has not reached the last stop

Dark Note

I could not believe that my body still had a soul in it. I could not believe that my body still had blood moving inside the arteri...

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