Category: Short Stories

The hunted Soul

Life is just an endless maze, we are here and still stuck inside it without screaming or feeling pain.

Hey ... It's me

When I was a young child, I did not like and did not care like children in my age to listen some fictional children stories

Last scene

It's the second scene, and maybe will be the last scene

We are fake

We are the ones who have become fake, and we have no hope of retaliation and no hope of salvation. We will remain stuck here forev...

Yellow Paradise

We are finally here, inside the yellow planet, after many attempts, we have finally become here, we know nothing but pleasure

Nightmare Called Life

I could not believe that my body still had a soul in it. I could not believe that my body still had blood moving inside the arteri...


Do you hear me? I'm right here. I have been here in that wretched place I have been in for a few days.

Cursed Corner

It was a narrow place, not even wide enough for my clothes to wear, so I'm always be naked, It's a dark, cursed corner that contro...

The Bedlam

I'm not mad, I have never gone to any of the mental clinics to treat madness, epilepsy and cursed mental illness, but I do not kno...

The Bathtub

In every pain I feel,When I approached the kitchen I always smelled the coffee we drank in the morning and we listened to Mozart m...

The dark void

There is no one here Yes you have become completely alone, everyone who has been here and everyone in your life has gone away, the...

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