Category: World History

The Many Names of Iraq Before It Was Known as Iraq

Iraq, a country with a rich history, has been known by various names throughout the ages. Understanding these names offers a windo...

Hanukkah between Judith and the Maccabees

The Book of Judith is considered the main book that is read on the Feast of Hanukkah... despite the doubts that surround this book...

The second Nakba

These are the same white handkerchiefs and tissues that their ancestors used to hold seventy-five years ago and wave while they we...

History of the siege of Jerusalem

Between Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi and World War II, the history of the siege of Jerusalem, and the history of the conquest

Theodor Herzl... founder of the Jewish state

Herzl aspired to follow in the footsteps of Ferdinand de Lesseps, the creator of the Suez Canal, but he failed and this passion ev...

Between Samson and CNN...Whose narrative wins?

“On me and on my enemies.” You may have certainly said this sentence one day or heard it spoken by someone

Is this Armageddon? Is this the end of the world?

These days, in light of the current events, conversations among people are increasing: Are these events the beginning of a great w...

Dialogue at Charles de Gaulle Airport...on the 7th...

My French friend L.G., who works at Charles de Gaulle Airport

Secrets of the strangest Jewish rituals

There are some customs and traditions specific to every religion and every people that we must know, and in this video we talk abo...

Pandora's box

According to Greek mythology, Zeus entrusted the two giants who betrayed the giants on behalf of the gods, the brothers Prometheus...

The truth about The Da Vinci Code

Although nearly twenty years have passed since the publication of the novel The Da Vinci Code by American Dan Brown

Simon Magus

No one knows how Simon Magus found the secrets of miracles from his visit to Egypt and Iraq

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