Category: Short Stories

The human comedy

There is nothing special about her as it seems. She is an ordinary girl, similar to millions of girls in this strange region of th...

there's something about sarah (The book of absurdi...

I no longer count the number of people who were running after me...the KGB men, the agents of Abraxas, the followers of Zoroaster,...

Nonsense part 2

He was not a saint's day, and he knew that very well, and he was very reconciled with that. Yes, he was not an evil devil either

Nonsense part one

It's that dreary autumn atmosphere, as you know

Kill your darlings

I fell in love with the language, books, novels, and poetry, when I was young, “I must kill my darlings”

Story of Claudia

The place was filled with smell of death Perhaps there were many corpses here or perhaps it was just a mental hospital for cases t...

Neon Eye

Perhaps the light will repair what the sad darkness has ruined. Have you not seen my eyes that have become like marionette dolls, ...

Tragic thoughts

It's just malicious thoughts taking control of my mind. There is no need for any failed and fake rescue attempt.


I left and left the details here, a place that ate away what was left of me, my mind and my heart, without mercy. You left me here...

The stuck soul

My soul is still suspended in endless ropes of pain... My soul is still on the run and expelled from the mercy of God .

The Red Chair

she sat silently for a little time. I hoped at the time that I could enter deep into her brain so that I could know what she was t...

Light it

Light no longer reaches that room that was closed years ago. Now I am here outside, peeping into my room.

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